The decision to establish the brand, to design and make watches was made in December 2011 and since then project works have been carried out with prototypes followed by technical, aesthetic and ergonomic tests.

The design studio is equipped with machines, devices and tools necessary to meet the highest standards of watch manufacturing. Full equipment of the studio enables to execute individual projects.

We make watches for an exceptional customer who can appreciate the quality and work we put in the timepiece made for him.

We continue to seek new solutions and modern technologies. We work on next models to be worn by stylish men on their wrists.

Yours faithfully,
Leon Prokop Studio Team

From passion to details

Leon Prokop – my grandpa, an excellent engineer and an aficionado of beautiful things. In addition to his love for timekeepers, which I inherited, he was also a perfectionist, which deeply influenced the shape of my character and resulted in a passion for making objects. Out of respect and my love for him, the brand now carries my grandfather’s name. Therefore, every timepiece that leaves my studio is proudly signed by him on the watch face and is a personal commitment of mine.

Bartosz Szymczyk, founder


When deciding on establishing the company, we committed ourselves to follow a certain direction.

We would like to go back in time when everyday objects were made in small workshops. The man who created product gave it “life” at the same time.

We want our watches to attract the user’s attention to the details which altogether conclude added value.

We cooperate with Polish artists and scientists – the result of this type of activities is the use of Polish Apolonia fonts and carbon composites.

Although we use modern technologies, we take our time and take care to ensure quality each step of the way.

Yours faithfully,

Leon Prokop Studio Team